NFT Collections on OpenSea

You are welcome to purchase or make an offer on any of these NFTs on OpenSea with cryptocurrency (ETH).

Collection: Figurative

Woman with Umbrella
I met this woman dressed in beautiful ethnic costume in a park in south west China. She belongs to the indigenous Miao clan. I strived to depict her glittering gold, silver and the multi colors costume.

Spanish Dancers
Acrylic on canvas painting of Spanish Dancers in colorful dresses on stage. It is on a 20" x 30" x 0.75" canvas 

Dancers in Parade
Acrylic on canvas painting of Mexican Dancers in red dresses dancing in a parade. It is on a 20" x 30" x 0.75" canvas 

Collection: Landscape

Arbutus Trees on Rocky Cliff 2
I have a happy feeling for these arbutus trees high up in the rocky cliff besides the ocean. They were safe from the roughness of the sea, enjoying the blue sky, blue sea, colorful rocks, yellow and green grass. This is acrylic on canvas painting, 24” x 24”.

Arbutus trees on Rocky Hill 2
I am inspired by the unique features of the arbutus trees with their colorful and elegant curved branches. These serve as an interesting contrast to the straight and tall fir trees in the forest of the west coast. In this painting, I strived to present the light and shadow on the trees and the rocks. I painted the sky using negative painting technique as the same way I see through the dense forest. This is an original acrylic on canvas painting, 36” x 24”x 1.5”.

Elegance on Rocky Shore 3
The arbutus trees with their curved and bright golden color branches are elegant looking trees that normally found on the rocky shore of the west coast. They play as an interesting contrast to the tall and straight fir trees. This is a painting of the west coast with distant mountains, ocean and the coastal forest.

Row Boat in Garden Pond
I adore the rowboat in the garden pond. The boat’s translucent colors reflect the beautiful morning sun. I discovered this stunning garden during one of my plein air painting outings. I would love to revisit it again soon!


Collection: Animals

In The Breeze
Acrylic on canvas painting of the Great Blue Heron on the ocean shore with feather waving in the breeze of the sea.

Robin in Pine tree
This robin with bright orange color chest is having a rest perching on the pine tree branches. This is a small acrylic on canvas painting, 8” x 8” x 1.5” 

Kitty Cat in Woodland 2
This is the cat I met during a camping trip in Washington State. It played with my dog very well. It was a blue and orange cat, sitting under a green bush with acorns on the ground. 

Collection: Floral and Still Life

Summer Fruits
Acrylic painting of a bowl of colorful summer fruits, namely banana, apples, peaches and pineapple. The dual tone copper bowl with red and silver glittering in the sun in an imaginative background setting. It is on paper, 12” x 12”.

Collection: Abstract

Ocean Beautiful

Sunny Sky Over the Sea

Beneath the Icy Water